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Frequently Asked Questions

When is MOA open?

Where Do I park?

  • There is free street and lot parking near Marjorie Park and the park and Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre are also accessible via the Arapahoe Light Rail Station.
  • Englewood location: There is free parking in the garage south of the Englewood Civic Center. The Museum of Outdoor Arts is also accessible at the Englewood Light Rail Station.

How Long does it take to view the outdoor sculpture collection?

  • Plan on 30 minutes to an hour to visit and enjoy our collection in Englewood or Greenwood Village. To see all of MOA’s sculptures in its various locations, plan for at least 3-4 hours.

How much does admission cost?

  • Cost varies depending on event. Tours are offered by scheduling in advance for $10 per person. Self-guided tours are $5 per person.

What are the group rates?

  • We are happy to host private tours for groups. Please see our tour page for more information.

Do You Offer discounts?

  • We sometimes offer seasonal or special discounts. Signup for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of any page on our website and follow our Facebook page and Instagram page for special offers. MOA members also receive discounted rates and special deals.

Can I bring food/drink?

  • You may picnic in our outdoor spaces in Englewood.
  • Special events at Marjorie Park will specify whether or not you may bring food and drink.

Do you have a cafe?

  • There is not a cafe in the building, however there is Nixon’s Coffee House within walking distance of the Englewood Civic Center.
  • There is Mangia Bevi Cafe near Marjorie Park and Fiddler’s Green. Concessions during concerts.

Is photography allowed?

  • Photos are allowed. Don’t forget to tag us @outdoorarts.

Does your building have elevators?

  • Both the south and north entrances of the Englewood Civic Center have elevators for your convenience.
  • Marjorie Park is ADA accessible.

Are wheelchairs available?

  • We do not rent or have wheelchairs on hand.

Are strollers allowed in the museum?

  • Strollers are allowed in our outdoor spaces.

Do you have lockers for visitors to use?

  • We do not have lockers and require that large bags be stored in your car or left at home.

Are pets allowed in the Museum?

  • Only leashed service animals are allowed.

Do you rent space?

  • Yes! Please contact us for details, rates and options.

How do I show my art at MOA?

  • Since closing our indoor galleries, MOA only offers outdoor exhibition opportunities by artist call or invitation only.

What is the connection of MOA to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre?

  • MOA owns Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre and operates it in partnership with tenant AEG Live. The land was originally donated to MOA by our founder, John W. Madden Jr., after holding several arts events on the property, the venue was formalized as a dedicated music venue in the mid 1980s under MCA Records and has operated as the largest dedicated outdoor music venue in Colorado since.