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Element House

Element House (EH) began as an exhibition at MOA’s indoor gallery in 2010. The conceptual exhibition then turned physical prototype beginning in 2011. Element House is a SIPS modular home designed with the goal to operate independent of public utility services by integrating passive systems that allow for e-generation and off-the-grid living opportunities in virtually any location.

The Element House shape is derived from the Fibonacci sequence, which is a describer of developmental patterns in living organisms. This mathematical series was applied in order to explore the idea of recombinatory growth in building forms and the economics of spatial compartmentalization.

Working with the visionary team of Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample of MOS architects, we have manifested this concept into reality. The EH prototype, with a 1543sf footprint was commissioned, funded and built by the Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA).  It is now completed and will serve as the guest house for Charles Ross’ major earth work, Star Axis, in New Mexico.

The Element House prototype is scheduled to open to visitors after the completion of Star Axis sometime in the near future and is currently open to Star Axis project donors. Check back soon for futher updates.

Take a virtual tour!

Photos by: Florian Holzherr & Heather Longway
Exterior view of Element House surrounded by New Mexican High Plains Desert

MOA’s Element House prototype serves many objectives for our organization. Primarily, the prototype will function as a guest house for visitors to Star Axis.  Since the artwork must be experienced by starlight, a guest house is required. Currently, the house is only open to project donors while Star Axis is being completed. Accommodations can be arranged by contacting MOA.

Along with providing a place to stay during a visit, we want the users to have an off the grid living experience that is positive. We hope that one might leave inspired to reduce their own consumption knowing that it can be done without giving up modern conveniences.