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Design and Build Alumni

Fall 2018 Artists in Residence

In the fall of 2018, we worked with Design and Build alumni Tiffany Matheson, Travis Powell and Ian Wagner through our artists in residence program to create a collaborative installation in MOA’s White Box Gallery. The installation was called “Synthetic Nature” and was part of the Natura Obscura Immersive Arts Experience. The installation was interactive and utilized arduino, projection, sound and lighting technology.

Tiffany Matheson portraitTiffany Matheseon, Design and Build Alumni 2016
Tiffany Matheson is an emerging Denver native artist who specializes in sculpture, installation and performance art, with experience in public art, mold making and casting, woodworking, welding, textiles and sewing, acrylic manipulation, environmental art, site specific art, social practice, activism, music, written word, tactile and interactive art. She is currently incorporating various new media materials into her artwork, including light, sound, solar power, sensors, motors, circuit boards and coding. Tiffany was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2016. Learn more at her website at tiffaymatheson.com and by following her on instagram @tiffanymatheson_artist



Travis Powell headshotTravis Powell, Design and Build Alumni 2016
Travis graduated from the University of Denver in 2016 with a BFA in Emergent Digital Practices, a program focused on the intersection of art and technology.  Working primarily with video installation and projection mapping much of his work focuses on how memory and perception affect each other in controlled settings created through augmented reality. Since graduating Travis has provided projections for productions at venues including Denver School of the Arts, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio and a video performance with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Travis was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2016. Learn more at his website at tpowellart.com  and by following him on instagram @deepspacediver.


Ian Wagner headshotIan Wagner, Design and Build Alumni 2017
Ian Wagner is a freelance designer and a BFA student at the University of Denver specializing in digital art/design. In the past, Ian has worked as a graphic designer for various businesses in Portland OR and as the assistant to the artistic director of Render quarterly. Ian was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2017. Learn more at his website at ianwa.com and by following him on instagram @ian.ai.