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Natura Obscura, an Immersive Experience

January 11, 2019 -December 29, 2019

Natura Obscura was an immersive arts experience featuring more than 30 Colorado-based artists and creatives. The installation, begged the question, “What’s your nature?” inviting the public to step into a self-guided exploration through a surrealist, dreamlike forest that combined art, sculpture, and the latest in virtual, augmented and digital technologies.

MOA and Prismajic designed and produced the installation, collaborating with well-known Colorado artists and ten intern emerging artists from MOA’s Design and Build education program. Natura Obscura featured installations by local artists Chris Bagley, Nicole Banowetz, Tiffany Matheson, Travis Powell, Scott Soffa, and Ian Wagner. In addition, Grammy award-winning recording engineer, Mickey Houlihan, along with MOA, produced a custom cloud chamber environment in MOA’s Sound Gallery as part of the immersive experience.

“For more than 35 years, MOA has curated a variety of immersive experiences. Natura Obscura is the most innovative indoor environment MOA has produced to date. We anticipate thousands of people will engage with our space in a unique way over the duration of the installation,” said Cynthia Madden Leitner, MOA president. “We encourage people to wander among the surrealist forest where they will encounter fantastical woodland creatures and hopefully leave with a feeling of inspiration and excitement.”

Contributing Artists and Creatives: Heather Amador, Kenyon Dellecave, Eric Jaenike, Mark Laramee, Andon Malone, Sean Morris, Jennifer Mosquera, and Divinity Ray.

Summer 2018 Intern Artists: Silas Carter, Alex DeBenedictis, Tracy Duck, Justin Kedl, Stephanie Clouse, Alexis Lund, Andrew Corke, Daniel Phelps, Lauren Crawford, and Alexandra Ward.

Additional Artistic & Installation Support: Kelley Bergmann, Monica Bolles, David Darling, Kelly Jones, Ginny Jordan, Patrick Leonard, Georges Loewenguth, Heather Longway, Schuyler Madden, Cynthia Madden Leitner, Benjamin Pound, Joe Shepard, Gus Skinas, Michael Verdick, Wesley Wayne, Samantha Weston.

Natura Obscura Virtual Tour, 2019


Natura Obscura

Past Exhibition

MOA Indoor Gallery
January 11, 2019 -December 29, 2019