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Wolf Angel by Guy Dill

Artist: Guy Dill
Year: 1998
Dates: b.1946
Materials: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 5’11 1/2″ x 2’11” x 3′ 6″

About Guy Dill

Educated at the Chouinard Institute of Art in Los Angeles and a recipient of the Stars of Design Lifetime Achievement for Art Award in 2000, Guy Dill’s active career includes time as head of the Sculpture Department at the University of California (Los Angeles), over thirty-five one-man exhibitions in California, Belgium, Idaho, Illinois, New York and England and representation in museums and public collections allover the world. All black matte curves and ovals, Wolf Angel is an abstract sculpture typical of Dill’s strongly vertical yet softly curving “angel” series. Its visual resiliency reflects his interest in “visual harmonics,” which in turn embody and express “an intuitive sense of spiritual and physical balance and order.”

Wolf Angel sculpture by Guy Dill
Sculpture Alley
Available to view 24/7
Free parking garage
Outdoors in MOA's Sculpture Alley between the Civic Center and 24 Hour Fitness

Wolf Angel

Sculpture Alley
1000 Englewood Parkway,
Englewood, CO 80110