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Windsong III by Robert Mangold

Artist: Robert Mangold
Year: 1989
Dates: b.Huntingburg, IN, 1930
Materials: Acrylic on stainless steel
Dimensions: 15′ x 7′

About Windsong III

“If I could say with words what I am trying to say with my work, I would not need to create it.” -Robert Mangold

Windsong III revolves, creating a mosaic in motion, a patchwork of color against the sky. The colorful rhythmic dance of Windsong III draws the viewer’s attention skyward, conjuring memories of pinwheels, balloons, flowers, and simple pleasures. Mangold’s love of nature and keen fascination with kinetic forces offer an intricate, scholarly framework for interpreting his work. In achieving mastery of an artistic medium, which depends upon wind for its animation, Mangold has cultivated an understanding of man’s primal relationship with nature and its eternal cycles.

Robert Mangold’s anemotive kinetic sculpture is fabricated of concentric cones attached to independently mobile spokes, radiating from a vertical cylindrical base. Made of three distinct parts, two outer spokes move in a clockwise direction and the central spoke moves counterclockwise. His sculpture becomes an aesthetic expression of well-developed scientific and artistic notions.

Enamel on steel, colorful, kinetic sculpture by Robert Mangold
Marjorie Park
Available to view during park hours
Free street and lot parking
Picnics allowed except during special events

Windsong III

Marjorie Park
6331 South Fiddler's Green Circle,
Greenwood Village, CO 80111