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2021 Artist in Residence

MOA welcomes the collaborative, WAVEFORM.exp as one of our 2021 Artists in Residence.

WAVEFORM.exp is the collective efforts of Sam Moritz of Onyro_Visuals, and Pat Higgins of Gallotia Multi-Spectral Visual.

“With a focus on original digital content, 3D projection mapping, and interactive installations, our work allows us to activate objects and surfaces to distort reality by playing with the illusion of depth to create visually stunning experiences. Our goal is to help bend the viewers perception and leave them feeling amazed at what they have just witnessed.

As passionate digital projection artists, we bonded over our love the creative freedom allowed by this medium and how impactful it can be on a large scale. We decided to join forces last year in the middle of the pandemic to bring to life a shared vision that wasn’t achievable prior. With roots in Denver and a passion for illuminating the many fantastic works of public art and architecture in this city, we have solidified our efforts as WAVEFORM.exp.”


Meet the Artists

Pat Higgins

Photo of Sam Moritz
Sam Moritz