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The White Rabbit by Harry Marinsky

Artist: Harry Marinsky
Year: 1994
Dates: b.1909, London, England
Materials: Bronze
Dimensions: 6′ x 3′ x 2.5′
Series: Alice In Wonderland

About Harry Marinsky

Harry Marinsky was born to artistically gifted parents who fled the massive pogroms of late 19th century Czarist Russia. They met in England and later moved from London to the United States in search of creative and financial freedom. Throughout his career, Marinsky concentrated on representational sculpture, even in years dominated by Abstract Expressionism. In 1972, Marinsky bought a Tuscan farmhouse, where he still lives and works.

Marinsky’s bronze sculptures of Alice in Wonderland were cast using the lost wax process at the Massimo Del Chiaro Foundry of Art in Pietrasanta, Italy. The lost wax process is a casting method in which a sculpture is molded in wax, covered in clay, and then fired to melt away the wax. The clay is then used as a mold for the molten bronze. Marinsky loves Lewis Carroll’s book, and the illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. Marinsky stayed true to Tenniel’s drawings, transforming them into three dimensions. Environmental factors often change the appearance of pieces, especially in the case of outdoor sculpture in Colorado. One variable is a sculpture’s patina – the green, oxidized layer that forms on top of the bronze.

Bronze sculpture of White Rabbit by Harry Marinksky
Marjorie Park
Available to view during park hours
Free street and lot parking
Picnics allowed except during special events

The White Rabbit

Marjorie Park
6331 South Fiddler's Green Circle,
Greenwood Village, CO 80111