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The Dream Tree by Todd Siler

Artist: Todd Siler
Year: 2000
Dates: b.1953, New York
Materials: Steel
Dimensions: 19′ x 42′ x 7.5′

About The Dream Tree

Local artist Todd Siler explores the connections among art, science, beauty, destruction and the human thought process. Todd Siler says, “The Dream Tree is a mosaic of motivational thought that inspires action: doing, living, and being. The 5th century Greek dramatist Sophocles once said, ‘A short saying often contains much wisdom.’ Such is this rare tree of life, which shows contrasts and connections between the philosophical and the practical, between the world of Sophocles and the world of Wal-Mart. Basically, this tree of humanity shows the fruits of our experiences and reflections over millennia.”

About The Process

MetaphormingTM, created by Siler, is a process that gives three-dimensional form to ideas that often lead to invention and creative connection.

About Todd Siler

Todd Siler received his MS in Visual Studies and phD in Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art from MIT. He exhibits his artwork in galleries and museums internationally.

Englewood City Center Plaza
Available to view 24/7
Free parking garage
Outdoors near the intersection of W. Floyd Ave and S. Galapago St.

The Dream Tree

Englewood City Center Plaza
1000 Englewood Parkway,
Englewood, CO 80110