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Summer 2023 Diorama

On View through August 2023

The Cat’s Den
Artist Collaborators: Waveform.exp, Adden J., John Leger
Medium: Mixed Media, Lighting + Audio

Artist Biography
WAVEFORM.exp is the collective efforts of Sam Moritz, and Pat Higgins, two passionate digital projection artists who bonded over our love for the creative freedom allowed by this medium and how impactful it can be on a monumental scale.

With a focus on original audio/visual digital content, 3D projection mapping, and interactive installations, our work allows us to activate and illuminate objects and surfaces to distort reality with illusory animations that create depth and motion across normal, everyday surfaces.

Artist Statement
With the intention to completely transform the 19th-century European transit stop, our concept was to turn it into a whimsical portal to Lewis Carroll’s enchanting realm of Alice in Wonderland. This fusion of history, fantasy, and modern technology captures the essence of Wonderland, taking viewers on a mesmerizing journey into the den of the Cheshire Cat. Best viewed after dusk, it smiles and purrs as it welcomes visitors to explore the many summer events at Marjorie Park and Fiddler’s Green.

Patrons scan a QR code on the window to reveal the events schedule at Marjorie Park listed below.

View Events Schedule


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Marjorie Park
Wheelchair Accessible

Filming, Drone operation and editing by @rasersharpproductions Installation Collaboration with the very talented @keyframe_visual and @existential.circus Custom installation audio by @gallotia_viz Video edit soundtrack by @eos_music & @humandala_music

Victorian Diorama

Marjorie Park
6331 S. Fiddlers Green Circle
Greenwood Village, CO 80111