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Scottie Burgess

2021 Artist in Residence

MOA welcomes Scottie Burgess as one of our 2021 Artists in Residence.

“As an active Colorado creative, I hold a BFA with a focus in Design and a BFA with a focus in Sculpture/Transmedia, graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver with honors. I was an apprentice to John McEnroe, am a member at Pirate: Contemporary Art, and I am active in the performance casting community. I work across a wide range of disciplines and mediums, though often, my work manifests as sculptural in nature. I have exhibited in various locations, from galleries and museums to abandoned window pop-up installation storefronts. Sustainability is important to me and often plays a role in my work, as a lot of the materials I utilize are up-cycled and thoughtfully repurposed.

Being at this point in my creative career as an emerging/established artist, I am looking for a new adventure and challenging experience. The MOA Artists in Residence program offers a great place to cultivate conceptual insights, absorb technical knowledge, and sharpen my creative business acumen by exchanging ideas and approaches with other serious artists.

As a transdisciplinary maker, my work involves meditations exploring material potentialities, distilling memories, emotions and moments through manipulated textural layers and cultural symbologies, in pursuit of a meaningful introspective creative process.

Existential conditions are often considered as places of creative departure, as limitations can be recognized and reframed to define relationships between objects, spaces, and experiences. Instincts and mistakes are embraced as vital. They lead to personal coincidences that result in illuminating forms and narrative, translate ineffable sensations, and ultimately exemplify the authentic human condition.”

-Scottie Burgess