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Rising Sun Monolith by Stephen Shachtman

Artist: Stephen Shachtman
Year: 2018
Materials: Welded Corten steel
Dimensions: 16 1/3 ‘ x 7′ x 3’

About Rising Sun Monolith and the Artist

As an artist I’m constantly seeking to explore form and design from a pallet of my artistic vocabulary of forms and techniques. In short, sculptures I create circulate with aesthetics in contemporary arrangement with influences and inspiration from, science, architecture, landscape design, illumination, and the world around us. My current sculptures are created in a constructivist nature, focus on spatial balance between dimensional space within the sculptural form and that in which the sculpture physically occupies. This focus on dimensional balance and the play of positive and negative space, from both circular and rectangular windows, allows the piece to respond to its natural surroundings framing unexpected views. With illumination altering shadow and perspective to enhance the viewers interaction and this fourth dimension which lighting creates.

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact us for additional information.

Rising Sun Monolith
Available to view 24/7 outdoors
Free street and lot parking along S Fiddlers Green Circle