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Nest by Erick Johnson

Artist: Erick Johnson
Year: 2012
Dates: b.1950, Denver, CO
Materials: Steel and powder coated sheet metal
Dimensions:1′ 3 3/4 ” x 6′ 4 4/5″

About Nest

Throughout our natural world, and among many different species of birds, fish, insects and mammals, a NEST is an amazing, instinctively created environment for raising a family. It not only serves as a shield from the elements, but as a fortress against other threatening natural predators as well.

Nesting is a communal force for pair of animals, so they may establish a safe haven to raise, protect and nurture their young. This protective habitat can also be a sanctuary for rest, revitalization and comfort.

Nest is a public art simulating a community, or neighborhood. Many communities have multiple extraordinary burrows exist within a small radius of each other. Among the different layers of community, are individual statements about their lairs. Some large, some small, each intended to be a cozy, protected retreat reflecting the life of its inhabitants.

NEST is a simple notion that ties a philosophical thread , Nest represents an individual spaces, the vision broadens to respect for other individual and their “nests”, regardless of social status or level. Nest represents a common goal and desire to have a nurturing place to call home.

Westlands Park
Available to view dawn to dusk
Free parking lots
Outdoors near the south most pond


Westlands Park
5701 S Quebec St, Greenwood Village, CO 80111