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While MOA originally assisted with its acquisition and installation, this artwork is not formally owned by the museum. However, the museum believes in passing on the knowledge and history it has about this artwork in Greenwood Plaza for the education and enlightenment of all.

Artist: Unknown
Year: 1978
Materials: Bronze
Dimensions: 12′ 7″ x 24′ 10″ x 6′ 11″

About Mercury

In an arabesque pose, balancing on a gust of wind, Mercury points to the sky. This reproduction is inspired by Giovanni da Bologna’s bronze sculpture (1580) in the Bargello National Museum in Florence, Italy. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger to the gods. Recognized by his winged feet and helmet, he is also the patron of travel. Mercury is known as Hermes in Greek myth, and is noted as the protector of merchants and the god of commerce. The site location here in Greenwood Village carries on his ancient presence, as he stands as a symbol to effectively protect the viable, commercial area.

Detail of bronze reproduction of Mercury by Gambolgna
Tuscany Plaza
Available to view 24/7
Free street and lot parking
Outdoors on the lawn of Tuscany Plaza


Tuscany Plaza
6312 S Fiddlers Green Cir, Greenwood Village, CO 80111