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Little Bear by Giovanni Antoniazzi

Artist: Giovanni Antoniazzi 
Year: C. 1980
Dates: b.1935, Italy
Materials: Stone
Dimensions: 3′ 4″ x 1′ 7″ x 1′ 9″

About Little Bear

This friendly sitting bear greets children on their way to pick out a riveting tale at the Englewood Public Library. Antoniazzi continued his exploration of animal forms within this sculpture, but on a smaller scale.

Stone sculpture entitled Little Bear, by Giovanni Antoniazzi
Civic Center Indoor
Available to view during library open hours
Free parking garage
Indoors in the Englewood Public Library
Little Bear sculpture with face mask by Giovanni Antoniazzi

Little Bear can be found wearing appropriate accessories periodically throughout the year!

Little Bear

Civic Center Indoors
1000 Englewood Parkway,
Englewood, CO 80110