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Lions of Lucca

Artist: Artist Unknown
Year: 1989 reproduction, C.1250
Materials: Marble
Dimensions: 5′ x 2′ x 5′ (each)

About Lions of Lucca

The city of Lucca was founded by Etruscans and became a Roman colony in 180 BC. During the period of “Romanesque” architecture in the 12th century, the lion was considered a symbol of political and economic power in Italy. It was customary for pairs of lions to be used for church adornment, public buildings, and gateways to estates and cities. The two original “Lions of Lucca” flank the entry way wall to the city of Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy. During the tenth-eleventh centuries Lucca was the capital of the feudal Margrave.

White stone composite of lion by unknown artist
Marjorie Park
Available to view during park hours
Free street and lot parking
Picnics allowed except during special events

Lions of Lucca

Marjorie Park
6331 South Fiddler's Green Circle,
Greenwood Village, CO 80111