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Femmes de Fleurs Magiques

Artist: Tiffany Matheson
Year: 2021
Materials: Wood, PVC, vinyl coated wire, paint, tulle, flowers, LEDs

About Femmes de Fleurs Magiques

Consisting of three pieces, this series was inspired by organisms that when ingested by humans produce a psychotropic effect resulting in an altered state of consciousness.

Tiffany Matheson is a mixed and multimedia artist native to and working in Denver, CO who specializes in sculpture, installation, performance and public art. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology with Studies in Sculpture from CU Denver, and has experience with mold making and casting, woodworking, welding, textiles, acrylic manipulation, electronics, music, written word, and more. While her work varies greatly, she is inspired by light, texture, sound, color, nature, the botanical world, and outer space. Her work is often based on geometry and mathematics, with emphasis given to precision and attention to detail.