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Emanation by David Fodel

Artist: David Fodel
Title: “Emanation”
Medium: Digital Animation
Run-time: 3 min 45 sec

Artist Statement
Emanation is a study of creation and decay — modelling natural processes using digital tools. Nature is complex on the one hand; difficult to predict on a macro scale and exhibiting chaotic behavior on the micro scale as well. In this work, forms reminiscent of spores, flowers, microorganisms, as well as weather patterns, emerge from manipulations of 3-dimensional models of self-similar structures evolving — pushed along by the sonic environment in which it is immersed. Our place as humans, stewards of the natural beauty and complex ecosystems of Colorado, ultimately impacts the evolving landscape – for better or worse.


David Fodel has worked with electronic media and sound since the late 1970’s, exploring ways of building audiovisual systems that exhibit unexpected behaviors emerging from relatively simple interactions. His latest work is inspired by early 20th century Soviet art + technology experiments, and hybrid imaging techniques to create man-machine entanglements bridging science, history, art and magic.

David is an artist, teacher, and curator whose eclectic installations, live- media performances, award-winning sound design and video works have been exhibited, screened, and performed internationally including ISEA, Hong Kong; TiMaDi, London, England; Post-Screen Festival, Lisbon, Portugal; Festival ECUA- UIO, Quito, Ecuador; Future Places Festival, Porto, Portugal; Transmediale, Berlin, Germany. His work has been written about in Wired Magazine, and published by the Experimental Television Center, New Media Caucus, Post-Screen Festival, and Sekans Cinema Journal.

Residencies include the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, STEIM, Amsterdam, and the Experimental Television Center and Signal Culture in New York.

He is Director of Imaging Research for Artemis Vision, a machine-vision engineering company and sometimes teaches Electronic Art or Electronic Performance at the University of Colorado. He founded the MediaLive Festival, is Director of the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF], and is a Fellow at the Media Archeology Laboratory.

"Emanation" by David Fodel