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Disco Emergente by Arnaldo Pomodoro

Artist: Arnaldo Pomodoro
Year: 1983-84
Dates: b.1926, Morciano di Romagna, Italy
Materials: Bronze
Dimensions: 12.5′ x 12.5′ x 4′

About Disco Emergente

“Disco Emergente” is part of Pomodoro’s series known as “Grand Discos.” The work was created at the Tesconi & C. Fonderia D’Artes N.C. in Pietrasanta, Italy and was first displayed at the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy. The sculpture was purchased by MOA Co-Founders, John and Marjorie Madden / John Madden Company in 1987 from Marisa del Re Gallery in New York. The artwork then traveled to Brisbane, Australia for the World Expo in 1988, at the artists’ request, where it was displayed at the main entrance at the Expo. Following the World Expo, “Disco Emergente” traveled to Detroit, Michigan, where it was displayed in the plaza of John Madden’s development, 150 West Jefferson Plaza. In 1992 the sculpture was purchased by the Museum of Outdoor Arts and came to Colorado and was installed in Greenwood Village, where it still resides. The sculpture is kinetic and spins with wind on its x-axis.

About Arnaldo Pomodoro

Arnaldo Pomodoro was born in Morciano, Ramagna in 1926. He now lives and works in Milan, Italy and is one of the world’s most renown sculptors. His sculptures can be found around the world, including notable locations such as The Vatican, United Nations headquarters, and countless museums and universities.

In 1961 Arnaldo Pomodoro joined Continuità, a group of Italian artists who aimed to prove the “continuity” of great Italian art. In Disco Emergente, Pomodoro responds abstractly to advances in technology. After the late 50s, he continued to experiment with geometric shapes, such as spheres and discs, based on his fascination with space and the Sputnik artificial satellite.

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Disco Emergente

Greenwood Athletic Club
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