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Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities

History of the
Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities

After MOA relocated its headquarters to Marjorie Park in late 2022, the Museum has once again teamed up with Lonnie Hanzon to reimagine this installation as a master work of Hanzon’s. This new Cabinet has been reenvisioned as a permanent installation in a new standalone structure at MOA’s Marjorie Park. The installation will be open by guided tour only, by appointment, starting in May 2024. Read the full press release with additional details. Read on to learn more about the history of this beloved installation that has been a part of MOA’s collection since 2010.

Originally developed in 2010 by Lonnie Hanzon as a mainstay installation at MOA’s former Englewood headquarter galleries, MOA’s Cabinet of Curiosities & Impossibilities is a whimsical immersive exhibition showcasing the talents of various artists in a collaborative installation revealing unique stories, ephemera and radiant displays. The juxtaposition of disparate objects is sure to delight the historian, tinkerer, and armchair scientist. Among the many oddities, you will see Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland cabinet featuring bronze maquette’s by Harry Marinsky, an original 19th Century ‘rocking ships’ automaton by Jean-Marie Phalibois, Nick Bantock’s “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man”, and David Zimmer’s “I am Lost”.

In 2018, MOA  revamped the installation to include even more whimsy. The rework was led by Scott Soffa.

Original cabinets dated from the 16th century and were entire rooms of specimens. The most famous, best documented cabinets of rulers and aristocrats, members of the merchant class, and early practitioners of science formed collections that were the precursors to the museum. In the Cabinet of Curiosities & Impossibilities, MOA seeks to recreate the wonder and contemplation once aroused in the 19th century cabinets.

Stay tuned to learn about the new and reimagined features…coming soon!

Cabinet Information

Fall down the rabbit hole

Public reveal at La Primavera Festival April 28, 2024!
Accessible by guided tour appointment only. $10 per person. Members FREE!
Marjorie Park
Permanent installation
Wheelchair accessible
peering through curtains of the Cabinet of Curiosities

Pictured here is the Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities’ former installation at MOA’s former Englewood headquarters and gallery space. The installation has been reimagined by Lonnie Hanzon and will feature many of the same objects and artifacts, plus several new features that will delight those of all ages.

A hand drawn rendering of Hanzon’s reimagined “Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities.” The installation is built into the side of MOA’s Lion’s Den at Marjorie Park and is contained in a standalone 400sqft building.

Marjorie Park

Marjorie Park
6331 S Fiddler's Green Circle
Greenwood Village, CO 80111