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Winter/Spring 2018 Artists in Residence

MOA welcomed Prismajic as our Winter/Spring 2018 Artists in Residence.

Eric Jaenike
Co-founder, President

Eric is co-founder and President of Prismajic. A serial entrepreneur, prior to co-founding Prismajic he helped found Artistry Events & Design, an art forward event design and production company focused on bringing immersive experiences to the corporate market, and Shareholder Insite, a financial software company acquired by Ipreo. He’s held a variety of positions in finance, including positions with ETG and Merrill Lynch. He has a Masters in Finance from CU Boulder and a Bachelor’s in Economics from UCLA.

Jennifer Mosquera
Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Prismajic. A professional artist, she co-founded Artistry Events & Design, and has held a variety of positions in design and the creative fields. Prior to focusing on the arts, she held positions in sales and was a Deputy District Attorney for the city of Denver. She has a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s in Forestry from Virginia Tech.

Prismajic produced an immersive exhibition, Natura Obscura, which included collaborations with several other artists presented in an immersive exhibition during 2019.