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Jennifer Ghormley

Winter/Spring 2017 Artist in Residence

MOA welcomed Jennifer Ghormley as our Winter/Spring 2017 Artist in Residence.

Jennifer Ghormley is an independent artist who employs a variety of techniques in the translation of ideas into works of art.  She received a MFA in 2006 from UNL and BFA in 2002 from MSCD.  Jennifer is an active member of the Denver Art community; she is an educator for University of Denver, Art Students League, Think 360 integrative-arts programs, Breckenridge Arts District, and national art organizations. She travels periodically for visiting artist lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, and artist residencies.  Ms. Ghormley is a member of the Niza Knoll Gallery, in the Santa Fe Dr. Arts District.

As a visual artist, Jennifer is inspired by many things, ranging from patterns and colors in nature to interactions with people, relationships, and the intimacy of emotions.